New Water Service

Owners of Property can open Water Service Accounts in their name or in a Tenants name. In order for Tenants to open a Water Service Account, there must be an active account in the Owner’s name. Tenants will also complete an Application but the property Owner will submit a completed Owner/Tenant Agreement as well.

The Agency will strive to OPEN water accounts within 2 business days of the initial notification. Documentation submitted prior to 2:30pm will prompt the account transfer to occur on the next business day or sooner, if possible.

It is incumbent on the Applicant to complete the required applications including all signatures and submit all required documents. Incomplete applications will delay the progress of opening the account and unlocking the water service.

The Agency will require the following documents to open a New Water Service Account:

  1. Completed Application.
  2. Proof of Ownership – Proof of Ownership can be established several ways:
    1. Screenshot from the “Property Info” Tab following a PIMS Parcel Inquiry within the Property Management Information System Internet Site – (Note: the County of San Bernardino site has a backlog of data input so if the property was recently acquired it may not show yet); OR
    2. Provide Escrow FINAL closing statement; OR
    3. Provide Grant Deed or Quick Claim Title which has been recorded. Recordation is indicated by a Document Number Stamp in the upper right corner.
  3. Copy of Valid Identification for applicant and any co-applicants who desire to access the Water Service Account.
  4. $40 Account Set-up Fee.
  5. $100 Deposit (Residential Accounts)

Please make sure you have a digital image of your Proof of Ownership and Identification ready to upload and use the application form below to apply for a new account.  If you prefer a printed form, click here to download the application form for printing.

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