Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges on my bill?
  • WATER CONSUMPTION – The cost of actual water used by the customer. One billing unit equals 100 cubic feet. One hundred cubic feet equals 748 gallons.
  • BASIC SERVICE CHARGE – These funds are used to cover fixed expenses for the routine maintenance of the water system, ensuring a stable stream of revenue to cover routine expenditures.
  • FMHA (Farmer’s Home Administration Surcharge) – Voter approved, these funds are used to fund the debt service for the construction of the Desert View County Water System (Flamingo Heights area). This debt was paid in full in 2020.
What are these charges on my property tax bill?
  • MWA DEBT 1 –Voter approved, this debt is assessed by the Mojave Water Agency. Funds are used primarily for the payment of debt service and maintenance in connection with the State Water Project (The California Aqueduct).
  • MWA DEBT 2 – Voter approved, this debt is assessed by the Mojave Water Agency*. Funds are used primarily to supplement the MWA 1 tax and to fund the Mojave Water Agency administration.
  • MWA ID ‘M’ – Voter approved, this debt is assessed by the Mojave Water Agency*. Funds are used to fund 40% of the debt service for Morongo Basin Pipeline extension from the California Aqueduct to our communities.
  • ID GM STANDBY CHARGE – A charge assessed on parcels within the Improvement District Goat Mountain which do not have a metered service connection. This fee is based on parcel size and is assessed annually.

*To learn more about the Mojave Water Agency and the services they provide please visit their web site at

I did not use any water. Do I still have to pay the monthly charges?

Yes. As long as a meter service connection exists, the Basic Service Charge and any applicable Debt must be paid regardless if you have any water usage. To eliminate these fees you may opt to terminate your water service by downloading and turning in the “Termination of Water Service Packet”.

I did not receive my bill. Am I still responsible for making my payment on time?

Yes. It is your responsibility to notify the Agency if you have not received a bill for water service or other applicable charges and to ensure payment is made before it becomes delinquent.

I can’t pay my bill by the due date. May I get an extension?

The Agency does not provide extensions to the payment due date.

I received an unusually high bill. May I make payment arrangements?

Yes, you may request a Payment Plan for a bill that is at least two times greater than the usual bill for that billing cycle. Payment Plans will be made for a maximum of three months at no interest. Only one Payment Plan will be granted in a twelve (12) month period. Contact a Customer Service Representative for further details or to make arrangements.

What are possible causes of high water usage bills?

Unseen or unfixed leaks can wastefully drip thousands of gallons of water. Early detection is important to avoid unusually high bills. For more information, click here.

When do I get my guarantee deposit back?

Credit worthiness is established by having no delinquents, zero episodes of non-negotiable returns from the bank, credit card reversals, ACH returns, or any other form of non-payment or any inaccurate data submitted to the third party payment center which is later rejected and no lock offs in the previous two (2) years. Refunds on bulk accounts are held until the customer closes the account.

How can I protect my home from high pressure in the water system?

The water system pressure ranges from approximately twenty (20) to one hundred-forty (140) pounds per square inch.

When accepting water service from the Agency to your premise you agree to hold the Agency harmless for any damages or loss that may occur as a result of high or low pressure conditions.

It is strongly recommended that you install and maintain a pressure reducing valve both at the customer side of the meter and at the dwelling that is serviced by the meter whenever the static system pressure exceeds (eighty (80) pounds per square inch.

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